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Unisonics is a small, local business focused on manufacturing first-grade cleaners and accessories for a wide range of purposes and industries. What sets us apart from large enterprises in our line of work is our personalised service and commitment to creating unique products that will deliver custom solutions to our clients.


We are an Australian-made and owned company that utilises the best equipment and materials to manufacture Ultrasonic cleaner solutions. Our mission is to come up with innovative and unique designs that will perfectly meet your business requirements. Our team consists of highly-trained experts who have years of experience in the design and manufacture of cleaning products. We encourage all our sectors to work together like a well-oiled machine, constantly communicating and guiding each other to ensure the final products are made up to the highest standards.

Certified by the Australian Made Campaign

Unisonics Australia is proud to have our Ultrasonic cleaners certified to be Australian Made and Owned by the Australian Made Campaign.


Unisonics offers an array of Ultrasonic cleaning products made from top-grade materials and each one undergoes strict testing and quality control before hitting the market. Because we have been working in this industry for so many years, we had the chance to get to know our clients and learn about their requirements. We make note of all their wishes and use the information to create the best ultrasonic cleaner solutions in Australia. That way, we make sure that we have a product in stock that will solve your daily problems and facilitate your efforts.


We continue to diversify our product offer so that we can answer the requirements of all people who turn to us in need of an ultrasonic cleaner. At the moment, our range includes commercial and industrial cleaner, jewellery cleaner, factory restored, custom ultrasonic cleaner, and more. We also offer a range of accessories designed to help you maintain the cleaner you purchase, maximising its efficiency and durability.


Not sure whether our Ultrasonic cleaner is the right product for you? Then take advantage of our 30-day trial period that we offer on our Unisonics ultrasonic cleaners.


We made sure that the price of our products is fair and reasonable, thus providing you with the highest return on investment. However, as we know that sometimes some of our products may not respond to your specific requirements and you might need to get a different one instead, we wanted to make it possible for you to return the cleaner you bought without any financial consequences.


If you regret your purchase, return the cleaner within the trial period for a refund.