About Us

Unisonics Australia is a third generation, small family business that has been offering ultrasonic products for around 40 years.
As a small business, we try to focus on aspects that separate us from other larger companies.

Product quality

Keeping our business small to maintain quality control and implement feedback.
To make all our products to the highest quality to ensure longevity in each ultrasonic cleaner.

Customer value

Commitment to service all customers years after a purchase.
Speak to us via phone or email about how we can help you.
If something is wrong with your cleaner, send it in for repair or trade in rather than dispose in the bin.


To offer quality products that assist our customers cleaning needs.


Need something that isn’t standard, we can offer custom options to make your cleaner better suit your workplace.

Australian made

Certified by Australian made campaign for all our Ultrasonic cleaners.

Fair wages

All our employees are paid fair Australian wages.